Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome back to Plagium!

We are happy to announce that after implementing some substantial technical improvements and popular demand, Plagium is working again and available for free usage while we continue to test and build the service.

Plagium is an innovative, fast, and easy-to-use means to check text against possible plagiarism or possible sources of origination. Simply enter text that you would like to analyze into the text box and let Plagium do the rest of the work. You can also check the contents of an entered URL for its sources.

Check news clips and so-called words of public officials, critics, experts, whomever – and find out where they get their ideas or even their words! Learn who else may be using your own and original content without your authorization.

Please tell us about your Plagium experience. Your feedback will help us to improve upon Plagium’s functionalities and performance. Also, spread the word!


The Plagium Team