Thursday, February 5, 2009

Track Text Through Plagium Alerts

Would like to track the usage of a chunk of text or the contents of a URL over time? Are you concerned that in the future somebody might steal your own text from a blog or Web site? Plagium's Alert feature keeps you appraised of who might be using your text once it is made public. Simply enter your text or URL into Plagium. Plagium does the work from there. Each week you will receive a notification of the status of the text or content usage. Soon we will provide options to adjust the frequency of updates, but give it a try for now.


  1. Hi, i am very happy i came across this cool website. I used copyscape but it started asking for 5 cents for each search.

    You can put up some google adsense ads on your website because not many people will donate so you can earn with adsense.

    Thanks. your website is wonderful.

  2. Hi, this is a very useful program not only for web authors, but also for teachers of all levels!

  3. I love the product. I'm doing a report on web-based plagiarism tools and a cross comparison for my high school computer class. I need to know what year the Plagium tool was developed and ready for public use.


  4. Plagium was created in 2006 and relaunched in 2008.

  5. I find plagium in yahoo and google. Thank you so much. This tool is really helpful for me

  6. bonjour
    cet utilitaire est efficace mis à part quelques "trous" textes recherchés existants et pourtant non trouvés.
    efficace à 95% bravo

  7. thanks to this tool. I change my website because of this tool. keep up the good work.

  8. Plagium is simply the best web based plagiarism detecting site. I keep coming back to check mmy articles and pages. Thank you guys!

  9. I used copyscape to track my site and it says

    "The maximum number of scans per month has been reached for this site.
    For more, please sign up for a Premium account. More info...".

    Today, I used plagium url checker for same purpose and it says

    "Plagium did not find documents making use of the text that you entered.".

    Any other plagiarism web checker out there?

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  12. it’s great thanks

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