Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Plagium team announces improvements and new features for Plagium

Thanks to the support of its users, we are pleased to announce the following improvements to Plagium:

Document Preview: Simply click the link in a list of matching documents and  the document will instantly open in an embedded window for your review. You can now preview the document contents without leaving the Plagium site.

Improved search results: Our results now produce more comprehensive and relevant results to better cover usage inspection of your text.

Real Time Updates: As Plagium discovers matching documents, the list of these documents is updated. This feature is especially convenient when tracking usage for text that has been reused often.

Entry deletion and printable reports: Links that are not of any interest can be deleted from the list.

Connection buttons to community web sites to help spread the word about Plagium.

Stay tuned for more improvements that are on their way!

The Plagium Team


  1. Excellent alternative to Copyscape. thanks

  2. hi,

    Is it just me or did this tool used only Bing to search for document copies? Either way, great tool..

  3. Uses Bing and Google, but you have to set up a Google account.

    1. Just to clarify, if you sign up for a Plagium account, you can then sign up for use of the Google API. This will enable your Plagium analysis to access to Google.

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