Saturday, April 9, 2011

Plagium Announces Deep Search

The Plagium Team is happy to announce the introduction of its Deep Search capability, which will enable Plagium users to compare large documents against the Web.  Deep Search breaks up the entered document into segments according to grammatical and word use rule.  A Web search is performed on these segments.  As the search results return, the results are compiled to determine where in the retrieved document text may match the original.  The displayed results show how the original text generally matches what is on the Web, as well as a paragraph-by-paragraph breakdown of the original text against retrieved Web documents.

Deep Search requires the establishment of a Plagium account, and the purchase of “credits” that entitle the user to specific volumes of text to be searched.  The pricing is as follows:
1 US $ for 100,000 characters
2 US $ for 200,000 characters
10 US $ for 1,100,000 characters

Payments are accepted through PayPal. Credits are good for one year.

For our occasional users that use less text volume, the Plagium remains available as a free service through use of the “Quick Search” button.