Monday, June 25, 2012

Change in Plagium pricing

Dear Plagium Users:

Due to the highly elevated costs that we must now pay to Microsoft and Google for access to their search engines, we are regrettably forced to pass these costs onto our users.  Two adjustments to Plagium will therefore go into effect:

  1. Plagium’s Quick Search capability will remain free, but with a limit of five (5) searches per day.  Any additional searches in a 24 hour period will require the consumption of Search Credits.
  2. The usage of search credits has been modified in a manner that consumes more credits for each search.  However, we now provide notification to users of how many search credits a given search will consume.  The user may elect not to carry out the search to save credits.

For our occasional users of Plagium, the above changes should not have much impact.  However, we do apologize to our regular users for any inconvenience.


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  2. I am hoping this pricing do not fluctuate much.
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  4. Why the pricing is going up? I wish it remain stable and not go up any further.
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