Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plagium Transfers its Service to a Newer Server

The Plagium team is pleased to announce the transfer of its service to a newer, more powerful server.  The new hardware will:

1)    Provide faster results.
2)    Support more reliable operation of the APIs (for those users that have signed up to use the Plagium API library).
3)    Serve as a platform for the addition of newer, more computationally intensive services.

We hope you will agree that Plagium is running faster now.  As always, please let us know if you encounter problems or want to provide us with feedback.


The Plagium Team


  1. hey guys, great service but on one of my sites i am getting a 403 error and have a feeling its caused by my robots.txt file bc i have a big list of bots that i block.

    would you know how i can pinpoint this so not to block you unless it is a different reason.