Monday, May 6, 2013

File Uploads and Institutional Accounts Now Supported by Plagium

The Plagium Team is pleased to announce two major developments that are now available to Plagium users:

  1. File Uploads:  

    Plagium account holders can now upload PDF or txt documents to Plagium.  Simply select “check file” from the main menu (upper left drop-down menus) and follow the instructions.  Once the file is uploaded, Plagium will check for any reuse of the document’s text throughout the Web and other submitted documents.  Immediately upon loading the document, Plagium will indicate the approximate cost of performing the analysis.  If the user so choses  he / she may then decide not to proceed with the analysis and therefore not be charged for it.

  2. Institutional Accounts:

    Plagium users may now sign up for an institutional account.  These accounts assign an Administrator to the institution setting up the account.  The Administrator may then assign Plagium sub-accounts to individual users within the institution.  To keep costs to a manageable level, Administrators can restrict the amount of text each sub-account can analyze within a month.  The Administrators can also track Plagium usage by each sub-account   For a limited time, the Institutional Account feature will be free – charges will apply only to search credits purchased by the Administrator.  If the Institutional has many Plagium users, group discounts for search credit purchases will apply./

  3. Improved Alert system:

    The Plagium Alert system has been redesigned to produce more reliable and responsive alerts when identical or similar content is detect on the Web, compared to the text entered.  Plagium Alerts are an important tool not only for detecting unauthorized use of Web site content, but also for tracking the progress of syndicated articles.